Our Mission

Somewhere in each and every one of us, we dream of a better world.  We want to help other people, improve our neighborhoods, or fix what’s broken.  We know we can do more when we work together, because that’s how meaningful change happens.

Givaly has social good at the heart of our mission.  For Givaly, this means helping to create a world where everyone benefits from working together.  We are connecting the dots between needs and solution providers, while providing a spotlight on the companies that give back through our platform.

At the same time, we provide companies with volunteering opportunities personalized for their company, enhancing their capability for shared value creation.  Through building long-lasting relationships, companies are able to address strategic challenges with a creative solution and demonstrate commitment to the causes they care about.

We believe that we can do more good by being a for-profit, while leaving the philanthropic dollars available for the non-profits that need them.  So far, we have been able to realize projects that wouldn't have been possible without us - read our Success Stories (on the navigation bar above) to learn more.

Givaly is about connecting people, and for that to work, we need more people like you to sign up and give our platform a try.  You can support us by spreading the word to companies that should be using us!

Meet The Team

Gary Travis

Gary is a military veteran that volunteered to deploy to Iraq in 2011 and then volunteered to mentor Iraqi children while overseas, leaving the service as a Captain in 2014. He has worked in finance and marketing leadership roles at Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies. Gary can bring people together, understands the importance of community and is pursuing a vision for a world where it's easier for everyone to work together.

Emilia Czyszczon

Emilia is a problem-solver and social-media expert.  She's passionate about helping veterans, animals, and people diagnosed with complex health conditions.  She's a TEDx speaker with project management, business strategy and executive engagement skills.

Brady Kalb

Prior to founding Skyepack, Brady owned a consulting firm providing start-up consultation services to new ventures based on intellectual property.   Brady brings his business and startup experience to the team, helping us navigate the unique pitfalls that await new and growing companies.

Janis Tratnik

Jan Tratnik's career in communications and public affairs spans thirty years in leadership roles for corporate, professional service and not-for-profit organizations.   The American Red Cross has recognized Jan's leadership as a national recipient of both the President's Award for Excellence and the Chicago Chapter's Wesbury Award.   Jan is helping the company navigate the industry and to better understand how to add value to our customers.


Chief DOG (Diversity Officer Guardian).  Annabelle is a Brindle Midwestern Frenchie that was born on November 2nd, 2018 and is an important part of the team.  She loves her mom, playing fetch, rocks, flops, and green beans.  She loves to volunteer and may be spotted at Givaly events.

Are you a Company?

Givaly provides Chicago companies with plug-and-play access to grassroots volunteering opportunities.  We are an easy, no-hassle way to get involved.  View our company page to learn more!

Like to read?

If you'd like to learn more about the industry or to get more insight into how we think, check out some of the articles that the Givaly Team has published.

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